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The source of Starters and Alternators...
Valodimos Company has opened its doors in 1978 and from then it is one of the most dynamic companies in the import and one of the most well-known distributor and rebuilder in the Greek market.

The mainly characteristics of our company are the direct and rapid service of our customers and the supply of a big range of high quality products in spare parts. Our company covers the needs of all cars not only European but also Japanese with absolutely competitive prices in all over the Greek market.

Our goal is to provide high-level services with the use of updated technology, we ensure that our products will be sufficient and with high quality. In order to achieve this goal our company has staff specially trained to meet any need as well as special equipment with state-of-the-art machinery. Moreover, our warehouse has over 20.000 different codes in stock for Passengers cars, Agricultural Machinery, Trucks and Boats.

Finally all the products that we use for the reconstruction of the starter & the alternator are new and genuine and they have guarantee from the factory.
The company’s activities cover five (5) different sectors:

  •    Genuine products
  •    Aftermarket products
  •    Electrical equipment
  •    Reconstruction of Starter & Alternator
  •    Car Accessories