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Payment Methods

Payment methods:

You can pay for your order in the following ways:


1. Payment on the Shop: You can deliver and then pay the product in our shop which is located in Spirou Patsi 1 str., Athens or you can pay directly when you will receive it according to communication with the sales department.


Referring to the Law N. 4172/2013:


The invoice that has value over five hundred (500) euro and more, has to be payed with bank deposit or credit card. Moreover about the retail receipt that has value one thousand five hundred euro (1.500) euro and more, , has to be payed with bank deposit or credit card and it is not permitted to be payed by cash.



2. Bank deposit:  If you do not have a credit card or if you are not accessible at home, you can pay your order by deposit in one of our bank accounts. In order to avoid mistakes and delays, please state your name and order number in the transfer. Then please send the deposit slip by fax at +30 210 5247206 or via e-mail at sales@,,,,
The bank accounts where you can deposit money are the following:

Eurobank:  0026-0443-42-0100128444

(IBAN: GR3502604430000420100128444)

Bank of Piraeus::  6493-010001-836

(IBAN: GR0401714930006493010001836)

Alpha Bank: 108-002101-070610

IBAN: GR9401401080108002101070610

National Bank044/002049-49

IBAN: GR101100440000004400204949
* Please note that in case of bank deposit, any costs borne by the depositor.

3. Credit Card: When entering your card details, the bank holds the amount due but does not charge your card with the amount of your order. We charge your credit card only after invoicing your order. We choose this procedure to avoid problems in order processing. To provide a safe electronic credit card environment, we use the security system provided by Eurobank, which is based on international protection company transactions (GLOBE SSL) supporting a secure transaction environment
*Please note that in case of remittance, the depositor will bear the cost.

Receipt / Invoice
Before completing the order there is the option of asking for receipt or invoice.

On the prices is not includes the Tax 24%.